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Tips to score high marks in English Exam


Indian students are facing numerous issues while dealing with English subject. Particularly with regards to Board examinations like 10th and 12th standard examinations, students are getting low score in English subject. If you are facing this issue then you should consider Star Tutorials. We provide English Home Tutor in Jalandhar who can help you to improve your skills in English Language.

Here are a few tips. Simply follow these tips religiously and you’ll find your English Language abilities enhance recognizably! Let us get started-


Most children’s tend plan for English examination just before the test date! Especially, students of 10th and 12th are preparing before the exam date. This circumstance needs to change. Rather than overlooking this subject, one must begin preparing it early.


For what reason is an American child speaks English without any problem? It is just because of their mother tongue. He/she speaks it at home with their parents and family members. Essentially, talking and chatting in English with others will enable you to enhance your English dialect abilities quick.

We know this is quite difficult but you should start it. Try to begin off by conversing with your mates and friends in English. You may even do this with your relatives. You may commit errors and misunderstand things. Be that as it may, gain from your missteps and enhance day by day!


Most kids think that it’s intense to manage English Grammar exercises. They hence will in general disregard it. Rather than overlooking it, simply handle it and work on your shortcomings.


Always try to be confident, relaxed and healthy. Trust that everything will be okay! Get ready everything in advance so that your confidence will rise!

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