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Home Tuition in Jalandhar and Ludhiana
October 9, 2018
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October 13, 2018

Chemistry Home Tutors

private home tutor in jalandhar

We are looking for Chemistry Home Tutors in Jalandhar. Responsibilities apart from teaching would also include preparing study material and question papers for the students. She/he can well spoke with good command on the English language.

Chemistry is a brilliant subject to teach: there is a huge range of content, from the smallest atoms right the way up to our planet and the atmosphere.

Because of the variety of topics within Chemistry, there is rarely a chemistry student who hates every single aspect of the subject, just as there is rarely one who loves them all. This can be useful; you can use the bits your student does know to encourage them and boost their confidence before tackling the slightly trickier stuff. For example, electrolysis tends to be very difficult, and many students are less than fond of the maths content.

Enthusiasm is Key – bringing your own love of the Chemistry to your tutorials will bring it to life for your tutee. If your student is struggling to understand something, try going back to basics and then building up. For example, if a student doesn’t understand why copper metal is formed on the cathode, start by asking a question such as “Have you come across positive ions being attracted to negative ions?”, so they get a chance to respond with a confident “Yes”. Then go on to explain how all that is needed is to apply this knowledge to electrolysis; it is simply the positive ions in the solution moving to the negative charge on the cathode.

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