Parents are advised to keep following points in mind

Our Procedure

  • The Tuition Agency forwards the professional and shortlisted home tutor as per your requirement.
  • Tutor will give one free demo class. Once student/parent likes demo-class then parent have to call the tutorial and confirm the tutor.
  • The student/parent should give feedback/confirmation about the tutor within 24 hrs after the demo.
  • The tuition fee will be finalized between the Parent and the Tuition Agency.

Rule of Payments

  • Parents do not have to pay any consulting charges. Parents have to give the decided fees (after confirming the tutor) in advance for the months within a week..
  • Payments will be collected by our representatives only through cheque/ cash.
  • Payment should not be made to the tutor without prior confirmation from the agency otherwise we will not be responsible for any kind of dispute regarding the payments between the two.
  • We strongly encourage you to keep the receipt as evidence that you have made the payment. This will help us in verifying your payment
  • We assure that advance fees paid by you will be completely safe for one month in our account. If classes are not completed by our tutor, remaining amount of fees will be compensable.

Foul Play

We are very well aware of the situations where tutors offer the clients more better rates than us and persuade them to cancel the assignments and make private contacts with them. Similarly, tutors often force the clients for early termination of the assignments with the purpose of earning better commission.

Performance of such acts is highly banned and shall not be tolerated in any case.


  • Parents are requested to ask for ID proof from the tutor before entering the home for demo session. The agency will not be responsible for any kind of mishap.
  • Star Tutorials is a tutor referral company and is not responsible for the services provided by tutors.
  • Star Tutorials is not responsible for any disputes, claims, losses, injuries, or damages that might arise during and/or after any session.
  • We believe that both parties must put in equal effort to benefit from our service. We will not be held responsible for poor academic results.
  • However we do not predict nor give any guarantee or assurance that the assigned tutor will help students to get 100% result in their class or exam. Tuition agency does not promise to secure a tutor for you but can arrange another one.
  • Teaching at the student's place and interacting with the parents and students are at your own risk. Students have full authority to submit feedback on the tutor`s services and conduct of the tutors.

No Contract involved

There is no contract involved, but If you find the teacher not suitable for you, then you can request us for a change of tutor after the completion of month.